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Web Purchasing: How we do it better

Mar 12, 2023 | Uncategorized

In the course of our conversations with buyers we’re always on the lookout for ways we can help our buyers. Every buyer we speak with values the personal relationship they have with us: the most important part of choosing a wholesale or secondary supplier for your pharmaceutical needs is that relationship, the comfort and rapport we share.

Sometimes though, that personal touch can’t fit into the time our buyers have. It’s a busy industry — we all know there are days where we don’t feel like we can stop moving — and time is at a premium. But the standard cart—checkout paradigm doesn’t make a lot of sense for our industry: many times we’re working on multiple NDCs, and purchases often are the result of back and forth conversation to figure out the best fit for a need.

The solution we think works best is to do as much as we can to streamline the quote process, while stopping well before a more standard online retailer outlet. We still want to be available at our buyer’s discretion and we want to keep that conversation open. On the front end though we can speed up the process for our buyers by pre-filling out much of the information we need to start working for a need; to get the ball rolling all a buyer needs to provide us is an NDC, optionally an alternative.

While our buyer is busy elsewhere we can start working on that need for them. With downtime in short supply filling out a form and clicking a button on a website is much easier than a phone call or a text, and when that downtime comes back around we can reach back and catch up.