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A Specific Shortage: Meeting A Niche Need

Apr 24, 2023 | Uncategorized

Hard to believe it but our time in April is quickly running out!

Last week we talked about the kinds of shortages a secondary wholesaler can help with, and what makes Broughton Pharma unique in our ability to handle them all. This week I wanted to talk about a more specific example of a shortage, one that we feel like we handled for our buyers excellently.

Our buyer had a need to maintain an ongoing treatment schedule. Due to its relative niche need that drug isn’t kept in high supply among their primary suppliers, so it came down to us. Without receiving this drug that day the patient’s treatment would be delayed and, possibly, derailed.

To help this buyer we had to use every connection we’ve built over the years: when it comes to these sorts of drugs finding supply comes down to legwork and desk work. Our more experienced reps know this and were already working in parallel, going through all of our regular suppliers but moving onto the smaller volume or suppliers we use less often too.

By leveraging our network we were able to meet our buyer’s need and even meet their same day deadline. Our source turned out to be local and the treatment was able to be hand delivered to our buy in time to continue the regular course of patient treatment.

Working in these sorts of shortages isn’t easy for any wholesale supplier. Succeeding for buyers here requires a deep and broad network to lean on, and committed sales reps to do the work at the phone and desk to address a need in time.