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Springing into March!

Mar 6, 2023 | The Buyer Relationship

It’s Spring Cleaning time here at Broughton. Our Spring Cleaning might be a little different than what you might think though.

Throughout the year we’re focused on helping our buyers and doing whatever we can to answer needs. Often this takes up all of our time — it’s a good way to be busy! — but it means that thinking about our processes and how we can expand our ways to say “Yes” to our buyers is sometimes left behind.

So when we can, we like to dive into that a bit more. This spring we’re going to be looking specifically at how we can work with buyers to be more efficient with our part of the supply equation.



Everyone knows that experiencing delays is no good and repeated delays might influence a purchase elsewhere; this is as true for Amazon or for Wal-Mart as it is for wholesale suppliers like us.

We’re focused on what we can control and what we can do better. Right now this means looking at our processes internally and streamlining the steps between a purchase and a buyer receiving their order.

Our next step will be to consider what parts of the purchasing process buyers would like to see changed. We know that some days are busier than others, especially in this industry, and we want to expand on the typical ordering process for buyers and wholesale suppliers.

At the center of it all is considering the value of a buyer’s time. Of course we’ll keep the same ordering processes we have now: we’re looking at additions, alternate channels that maybe make more sense during a busy rush than a phone call or an email.

We’re going to be working directly with our buyers for this series, and over the next three weeks you’ll get a better look at what we’re hearing and what we’re adding. There are always lessons to be learned and ways to improve; if you can take some of the lessons from our buyers and our optimization process and use those in your own relationships, all the better.



At the end of it all is more rapid care for patients. And that’s a goal that everyone in our industry can prioritize.