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April’s Here: How Were Our First 3 Months of ’23?

Apr 3, 2023 | BP Updates

One of the stranger parts of making your home in coastal Georgia is that Spring can slide right by you. Especially with the level of activity we’re seeing from buyers, it’s tough to even notice the days getting longer and warmer without making specific time for it.

But April’s here and March has left us and so has Spring, really. The first three months of 2023 have been exciting here at Broughton Pharma and I wanted to take this chance to get you up to speed on things.

First, and most importantly, we’ve been adding to our team. I’d love to formally welcome two of our new reps, Reece and Candy to the Broughton Pharma sales squad.

Reece brings a great attention to detail and commitment to service alongside his fresh perspective on the industry while Candy brings over two decades’ pharmaceutical sales experience.

We’re incredibly excited to have both on our team and think that they represent the best of Broughton Pharma: a combination of enthusiasm, commitment to learning and helping our buyers, and the backbone of experience to navigate shortages in all their forms.

Secondly broadening our channels for buyers to connect is already having an effect. Our feedback so far has been overwhelmingly positive: our buyers love that they can contact us any time of day, in the way that’s most convenient for them, and we’ll give them the same excellent customer service and attention that sets us apart.

As we go through April we’ll be continuing to listen to buyer feedback and input. If you haven’t yet worked with us, reach out and let us know how your experiences with your current secondary supplier are. The only way for us to improve and better meet the needs of our buyers is to listen!