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A Continuing Conversation

Feb 13, 2023 | The Buyer Relationship

It’s tough to find a moment in the crazy days in our industry. Trying to find time in between all of the ordering, meetings, and commitments to catch up with your suppliers might be difficult.

We always want our buyers to reach out to us for every need! Doing so keeps us in the loop of what’s going on in their worlds and, most importantly, keeps the conversation going.

Let’s go over a few points about the conversation, and why it’s is so important for us to keep it going.

Know Your Supplier!

We all have niches where we excel. For Broughton Pharmaceuticals, our goal is to be there to meet your needs when you need us most. We want to always be in your mind when it comes to filling needs. Even if it’s just a quick email or text, we do our very best to meet every request.

We specialize in bridging demand challenges. Sometimes we have buyers reach out to us for staple, high volume items. In this case, you’d be best off communicating with your primary supplier first. But if you’re in a bind and need to speak with someone to cover a temporary shortfall then roping in your secondary supplier is always a good idea.

Start the Conversation!

Your secondary supplier will never feel as if you’re wasting their time by inquiring about a product. Even when we can’t be price competitive, Broughton Pharma will always make our best effort to match your need. And if we do our best but still can’t get over the finish line, we look at it as just the course of business.

Our hope is that even if we can’t help with today’s needs, we can be your secret weapon tomorrow. Part of that is keeping the dialogue and conversation open and ongoing. You should know your secondary supplier very well and have confidence that you can always reach out to them with any need and get an honest, measured response back.

Keep it Going!

To add on to the above and in keeping with our month’s theme, the key to a good buyer-secondary supplier relationship is regular communication! We reach out to our buyers regularly through our newsletter, emails, and phone calls.

Our key value for our clients is our availability: we’re always there to leverage our network and do our very best to meet every need we can. It helps us too when buyers reach out regularly, even if it’s just to tell us that everything is going fine and there’s nothing they need at that moment.



No matter your company, big or small, keeping up with your secondary supplier is a key to making sure that you can weather any storm. We’re always here, even if you just want to catch up and see what we’ve been up to lately.